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I'm a Software Developer and Designer specializing in interactive and progressive web and mobile applications ready to
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About me

Full name

Gilbert Łaskawiec


Katowice, Poland


2 years of commercial design and development




For as long as I can remember I have been interested in computer programming and graphic design. When I began writing my first code back in college I did not realize how important the IT world would become for me in the future. Now and can continuously develop and gain experiences from what I love to do and what is my true passion. I'm highly active member of the Silesian IT community. I eagerly share my knowledge and experiences. At design I bet on minimalism and clarity.


I always follow the newest trends in web design and continuously improve my skills. JavaScript is my thing. I always keep track on all new web technologies and news about the IT world.

I like the component based approach and declarative programming which React technology provides and I love to work with it.

I also use React Native thanks to which you can create a full-fledged mobile application in a relatively short time.

I always take care of the purity and extensibility of the code using patterns and tool's that maintains code quality like Eslint.



I begin my assignment by creating graphic project and planning the functionality of the application.

I design according to clients expectations and based on mutual consultations using the best design practices. I design simply and clearly.

Once the client and I have agreed on the application model and it's functionality I move to the next part of the project which is development.


I use the newest available technologies implemented by the biggest online platforms.

I work in React which is created and continually developed by Facebook. The code I create is clear and simple to expand.

I pay attention to responsiveness of my apps and their adjustment to individual devices ranging from full width monitors to smart phones.


Next thing I do is to set up hosting and domain of the created application.

I then publish the created application using the url address given by the client.

My apps are friendly for browsers bots which means that they will more quickly reach a higher position in search results.